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Drone flying with a security camera attached to the bottom

Are Drones the Future of Your Home Security System?

Security Technology Was Flying High at CES 2019

There are plenty of ways you can protect your property in 2019. From surveillance cameras to alarm systems, to smart locks that keep your entryways secure, security is more advanced than ever.

But that doesn’t mean tech companies will stop innovating. In fact, at this year’s CES there were plenty of interesting new ways to keep your loved ones and possessions safe. Of course, some of those new ideas and products may be more surprising than others.

Take, for instance, Silicon Valley startup Sunflower Labs, and their drone-based home security system. Will drones make an impact on your system in the coming year? Can you keep your property safe by taking to the skies? Find out below.

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A View from the Top

Home security monitoring is an essential part of any system. Having someone watching out for your home remotely is a great way to add peace of mind to your daily routine. If someone breaks in, or if your system goes down, you can count on your monitoring agent to ensure the safety of your family and your property.

But Sunflower Labs is taking things to a whole new level — literally. Their offering drone surveillance and monitoring service. According to IFSEC Global:

“The drone – called the ‘bee’ – recharges its batteries in a hub station or ‘hive’, which connects to your Wi-Fi router. The lights – or ‘sunflowers’ – have built-in motion and vibration sensors that, so the developers claim, can distinguish between people, pets and cars.

If suspicious activity is detected, the hive sends you an alert, and you – or a professional monitoring service – can deploy the bee with a press of a button in the app. Drone aviation laws proscribe the drone from automatically investigating incidents.”

As you can see, certain laws may make the drone surveillance system a bit of a hassle. And while the idea may sound actionable, it’s still some time away from becoming a practical part of your security system.

So, what are some more practical ways you can start building a home security system that will benefit you today?

Building a Security System That Works

While remote-controlled drones may be the latest thing, you don’t need them to build a security system that will keep your property safe. Instead, building a comprehensive, automated system is possible today! Here’s what you need:

Surveillance cameras: Modern cameras aren’t like the traditional, boxy units you see at banks and government buildings. Many models offer sleek, discreet designs, 4K resolution, and night visions for total coverage.

Smart Locks: Electronic locks can help you secure and customize your entryways with the touch of a button. Many systems offer biometric access, so you can use your fingerprint or retina to unlock it.

Motion Sensors: Track movement throughout your property by installing motion sensors that can prompt your system to activate on its own.

Alarms: Of course, a good, old-fashioned alarm is essential to home safety. Yours should let off a sound and send push notifications to your smartphone or tablet.

Automation System: Tie all your technology together with a single, comprehensive interface. Schedule events, review surveillance footage, and adjust your settings quickly and easily on a system that works with your lifestyle.


There’s plenty more you can do to start building the home security system of your dreams. Click here to find out how.