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Mom walking daughter to the bus stop to go back to school

Back-to-School Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

The long summer days are quickly becoming shorter, and the next school season is right around the corner. Everywhere you look, there are back-to-school sales to help parents get their kids ready for the new school year. How prepared are you beyond school supplies? Have you reviewed back-to-school safety tips with your family?

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Back-to-School Safety Tips

For some parents, this is the first year that their child will be starting school. For others, it’s the first time they’ll be taking the bus, the first time they’ll be driving, or the first time they’ll be coming home on their own. So they have a lot to prepare for on top of backpacks and school supplies! We’re here to help. Regardless of what “first” your family is facing this school season, use these back-to-school safety tips to get ready.


Walking to School

  • Pick and plan the safest walking route with sidewalks and designated crosswalks, and practice walking the route at least three times before school starts
  • Teach your children the importance of always walking straight to school and straight home
  • Buddy-up and walk with a friend or neighbor who lives close by
  • Make sure your children understand why they should never talk to strangers, and if a stranger does approach them, to report it to a teacher as soon as they get to school
  • Always look both ways before crossing the street, and follow the directions of school crossing guards


Taking the Bus

  • Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early
  • Stay off the road and out of the way of traffic while waiting at the bus stop
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching the door
  • If your child needs to cross the street before getting on the bus, make sure they follow the directions of the bus driver before crossing
  • While crossing the street, instruct your children to stay at least 10 feet from the bus so that they are visible at all times


Driving in School Zones

  • If your child is a first time driver, have them practice driving the route to school a few times at the end of summer to avoid stressful driving on the first day of school
  • Be aware of the reduced speed limits in school zones
  • If your child is carpooling other students, make sure everyone understands the risks that come with distracted driving
  • Remember that it is a law to stop for school buses
  • Avoid using cell phones while driving


Coming Home to an Empty Home

  • List out all emergency phone numbers
  • If your kids come home to an open front door or torn window screen, instruct them not to go inside
  • Teach your kids how to set the alarm system if you have one, and to never let anyone in the house
  • Set up notifications to stay aware of when your kids come home from school
  • Use connected locks instead of hiding a spare key


You’re Ready for Back-to-School Season!

You’ve reviewed the back-to-school safety tips. You know how to stay connected to your family if your kids are coming home alone. And you’re ready for the back-to-school season! We hope you and your children have a safe and fun start to the new school year. If you’re looking for more tips to keep your home safe and connected, you can read more here.

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