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How to Protect Your Home from a Break-In

Stay Safe with a Home Security System

Last year, there were 3,492 thefts and 738 burglaries in Hartford, CT. If those statistics shock you, you may be in the market for a smart home security system. An integrated home security system can help you prevent break-ins, minimize property damage, and keep a record of any crimes committed in and around your home. But it’s not the only way to stay safe. Here, we’ll give you some helpful tips on protecting your property that go beyond smart technology.

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Say ‘Goodbye’ to Outdoor Keys

We’ve all been here: you get to the office after a hectic morning only to check your pockets or purse and realize you’ve forgotten your house key. It’s a distressing situation, not only because you don’t know how you’ll get in, but because you now have to deal with it after a long day of work.

That’s why many homeowners turn to a simple solution: hide a key outside. Maybe it’s under the doormat. Or maybe you’ve hidden it in a false rock. But burglars know the common hiding places, and homeowners have reported losing the fake rock because it looks too similar to the others nearby.

The safest way to ensure your home’s entry points remain secure is with a smart lock system. You can access the locks remotely via your smartphone or tablet, so you’ll never have to worry about locking yourself out.

Know Who’s at the Door

Potential intruders will try and scope out entry points before they approach. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on anyone who comes to your door.

A traditional surveillance system is one of the most common ways to protect your property. But they don’t let you communicate with the outside world.

A video doorbell will give you a clear visual of the person outside, and a built-in intercom will make it easy to communicate with them from your smartphone or tablet. Once you know who they are and what they want, you can then remotely disengage the locks. You don’t even have to get off the couch.

Let Them Know You’re Watching

Did you know that homes without security systems are up to 300 percent more likely to be broken into? That means just letting the world know you’ve taken precautions can help protect your property.

While it may seem ideal to install a discreet security system that doesn’t disrupt decor, you can mount visible cameras and security lights outside that do a lot of heavy lifting for your security system.

Remember: the best crime is the one that doesn’t happen. And the best security system is the one you don’t have to use.

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