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Controlling the smart thermostat temperature from an ipad or phone

The Smartest Way to Stay Cool and Save This Summer

It’s hot! With many areas across the U.S. reaching their highest temperatures of the year, staying cool is on everyone’s mind. But we all know what comes with battling that summer heat — increased energy costs from running the air conditioner! It takes constant effort to try and find that perfect balance between staying cool and saving money. You always have to sacrifice one or the other… or do you? Having a smart home doesn’t just mean you have a bunch of cool gadgets. Smart homes do a lot more than just let you control your home and stay connected while you’re gone. They can help you automate important things in your life like arming your security system or beating that summer heat. With the smart thermostat, you can stay cool and save money too!

Plenty has changed since the first round thermostats were introduced 60 years ago, especially when it comes to saving energy. If you’re still manually turning the dial on your thermostat throughout the day, one simple upgrade could make all the difference for your summer electric bill.

The Energy-Saving Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are designed to help you maximize comfort and energy savings by staying in sync with your lifestyle. Since smart thermostats learn your schedule, they ensure your home is comfortable when you’re there, while saving energy when you’re away. Even during the hottest months of the year, we found that many of our customers can save between $10.00 and $20.00 a month in energy costs just by having one installed. It’s probably the best thing to happen to home thermostats since home thermostats.

Smart Schedules

If you’re like 90% of homeowners, you probably adjust the thermostat throughout the day to save energy. Smart schedules help you find the perfect balance between staying cool and saving energy by creating schedules for you. These schedules help your thermostat know when to move up or down a few degrees to maximize comfort and savings. It’s an effortless way to save energy.

Mobile Control

If you have pets at home, sometimes you might want to adjust the temperature when you’re away to make sure they’re okay on an unusually hot day. Smart thermostats can be controlled right from you phone, making it easy to make quick changes as needed throughout the day. Plus, if your kids are constantly turning it up and down, you can lock it from your phone as well so that only you can make the changes.

Extreme Temperatures

One of the biggest struggles that comes with the summer heat is overpaying for energy on extremely hot or cold days. Even if you set your thermostat to 74 degrees, it’s 90+ degrees outside, A/C systems will often have to run all day to try and get your home down to that temperature. Smart thermostats use real-time local weather data to adjust your temperature settings to save energy and money if outdoor temperatures spike.

It’s Time Switch to the Smart Thermostat!

The best part is that you don’t have to be a very tech savvy person to set it up! Most of the setup is done right from the app on your phone. So if you can work an app, you can update your thermostat! If you need some help or want someone to come out and install it for you, we’re always standing by.

Now that you know how a smart thermostat can help you save energy, it’s time for an update. Stay cool and save this summer with the smart thermostat!