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Jack-o-lanterns through the doorbell camera on halloween

Trick the Trick or Treaters with the Doorbell Camera on Halloween

The spooky season is here, and soon our neighborhoods will be flooded with trick or treaters on Halloween night! Your home can own the tricks and the treats this Halloween with the doorbell camera! The doorbell camera sends you a live stream of your doorstep when anyone approaches, and allows you to talk to the visitors right from your phone. With a little creativity, you can have some fun with your family and the trick or treaters when Halloween comes!


Give Trick or Treaters a Scare on Halloween

Kids and parents alike enjoy a few harmless tricks during the Halloween season. The doorbell camera can help you make a “ghostly” appearance to anyone who approaches your front door! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to our favorite doorbell camera Halloween trick:

  1. Turn your porch light on to signal in any potential trick or treaters
  2. Leave out a bowl of delicious candy
  3. Wait for trick or treaters
  4. When they go to take the candy, give them your scariest ghost voice
  5. Laugh hysterically
  6. Repeat until there are no more trick or treaters

If this looks familiar, you’ve probably seen Ring’s recent advertisement! In case you missed it, see it in action below.

Keep Your Home Safe and Connected

On top of having fun with your family, the doorbell camera will help keep you safe. So if you need another reason to do this Halloween trick, know that you’ll always know who’s coming to the door, whether you’re home or not.

Contact us to see how you can get a doorbell camera with your security system this Halloween! If you know someone with a doorbell camera, share this article with them so that they can trick the trick or treaters.